Babysitting gift - instructional training course on DVD.

Top image: Superbabysitting top image, babysitter training DVD course giving tips and techniques that are essential for any babysitter.


Image: Super Babysitting DVD and the two handbooks we give as free gifts. A great idea for the babysitter in your life.


Do you have a young child or grandchild who wants to be a babysitter but you are not sure they are ready to assume the tremendous responsibilities that accompany taking care of someone else's children?

Put your mind at ease and ensure your child/grandchild receives the babysitting training they need to be a great babysitter with my entertaining, inexpensive "Super Babysitting" DVD.

This powerful Babysitting DVD is designed to give children 10 to 18 years old and older the knowledge and confidence they need to deal with any issue that may arise while they are babysitting.

They will learn:

  • How to choose safe and age-appropriate toys and games
  • How to prevent injuries and be prepared if an emergency does happen
  • How to perform basic first aid
  • How to diaper and feed infants
  • How to handle bedtime
  • How to handle bath-time
  • How to handle dinner-time